Service Agreements

Technology License and Services Agreement

A Technology license and services agreement is an agreement signed between two parties namely the Licensor and the licensee. The Licensor..

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Website Construction Service Agreement

A website construction service agreement is a kind of a formal agreement which is made between a website developer and a website..

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Project Agreement

A project agreement is one that is entered into between two parties for the purpose of propelling a project. The project can be related to..

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Promissory Note and Pledge Agreement

A promissory note and pledge agreement is a document which outlines a loan recipient’s intention of paying back the lender the sum of..

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Restated Investors’ Rights Agreement

The restated investors’ rights agreement is an official document that concerns the rights granted to investors and contains the..

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Retail Brokerage Company Formation Agreement

A Retail Brokerage Company Formation agreement is an agreement between two parties, namely the client and the broker.The Parties desire to..

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Pre Construction Management Services Agreement

A pre construction management services agreement is one which is entered into between the owner or builder of a property and a management..

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Facility Construction Agreement

A facility construction agreement is one that is entered into between two parties where one wants to have some facility such as hospital,..

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Formation and Purchase Agreement

Formation and Purchase agreement is an agreement which outlines the terms and conditions that the parties involved in a transaction of..

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The Zeroport Advertising Agreement

The Zeroport advertising agreement is a service agreement between NetZero Inc. and Idealab Inc…Here Idealab Inc. is a buyer and..

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