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Promissory Note Conversion Agreement

Promissory Note Conversion Agreement

A Promissory note conversion agreement is an agreement between two parties, referred to as company and promissory note-holder. The primary..

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Restated Articles of Incorporation Agreement

The restated articles of incorporation agreements are official documents containing detailed description of all the rules and norms that..

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Nominee Agreement

A nominee agreement is created between the owner of a property and a nominee chosen by him by which the nominee legally holds all the..

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Liquidity Agreement

A liquidity agreement is a written document by which a person can convert his assets into cash, in other word, cash in his assets. For eg,..

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Hedge Agreement

A hedge agreement is an investment option created in order to offset possible losses that may arise out of another investment. A hedge may..

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Framework Agreement

A framework agreement refers to a document which records the terms of a how transactions or deals regarding a particular work/ task have to..

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Facility Agreement

Whenever a party which may be a manufacturer/ producer or a provider of a certain facility agrees to provide some other party/ entity with..

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Deed of trust Agreement

A deed of trust is a written or verbal agreement which is made by and between three parties; trustor, beneficiary and a trustee to..

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Debenture Agreement

A debenture is a formally drafted document which is either used to create or register a debt or acknowledge it. A debenture is basically a..

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Charter Agreement

The charter agreement is a legal contract made between two parties, one of whom is known as the “Charter Company”, which is a..

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