Licence Agreements

Technology License and Services Agreement

A Technology license and services agreement is an agreement signed between two parties namely the Licensor and the licensee. The Licensor..

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Form of Conversion Warrant Agreement

The Form of Conversion Warrant Agreement, as quite evident from the term itself, is a legal document outlining the aspects of conversion..

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Software License and Maintenance Agreement

A software license and maintenance agreement is a legal contract enacted between the software seller and purchaser in which the seller not..

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Software License Agreement

A software license agreement is a legal license contract between the software company and its purchaser wherein the manufacturer grants..

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Retail Store License Agreement

The process of selling goods or services to consumers in an open market is known as retailing and such open market is known as a retail..

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Preferred Stock and License Restructuring Agreement

A preferred stock and license restructuring agreement is a legal document entered into between two parties which could be two individuals..

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Patent License Agreement

A patent license agreement is a category of agreements in which is licensor gives a patent license to a person or party which is therefore..

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License, Development and Commercialization Agreement

A license, development and commercialization agreement is a kind of a formal agreement which is framed between two or more than two parties..

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Trademark License Agreement

A trademark license agreement is created between the owner of a trademark and the person or organization to whom the trademark will be..

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Rights Agreement

Rights agreements are used in different situations in order to protect the rights of a certain firm or individual. There can be patent..

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