Legal Agreements

Note Purchase Agreement

A note purchase agreement is an agreement which is formed between two financial institutes so as to define the various details and terms of..

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Note and Warrant Purchase Agreement

A note and warrant purchase agreement is a legal document drafted when a closing company referred to as the company sells its stake to..

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Management Agreements

A management agreement is a kind of an agreement which is made in the case when a person or party called the client hires another person or..

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Liquidation Agreement

A liquidation agreement is one that is entered into by two parties for liquidating. The two parties to the liquidation agreement are..

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Liquidating Trust Agreement

When a company goes into liquidation, the entire process of liquidation is quite cumbersome and time consuming apart from many legal..

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Liquidating Asset Management Agreement

A liquidating asset management agreement is entered into by a company that is liquidating its assets. The agreement is entered into between..

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Investor Rights Agreement

An agreement which is formed by and between an investor and another party, in the plan or investment opportunity of which, the investor has..

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Form of Underwriters Warrant Agreement

A form of underwriters warrant agreement is a form entered into between the warrant issuing company and the underwriting company.  The..

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Fixed Asset Revolving Facility Guarantee and Collateral Agreement

The Fixed asset revolving facility guarantee and collateral agreement is a sort of collateral based loan agreement that is designed for..

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Fifth Amendment Waiver and Collateral Release

The Fifth Amendment waiver and collateral release is a legal agreement which binds a lender and the borrower in a new relationship..

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