Lease agreements

HCRI Construction Disbursing Agreement

HCRI Construction Disbursing Agreement is made between two companies for the purpose of disbursing lease advances under the lease. The HCRI..

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Amendment to Construction Department Lease

The construction department lease contains all the information such as the terms, conditions, warranties and the termination clauses of the..

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Agreement for Termination Of Lease

Agreement for termination of lease is a mutual agreement between a landlord and a tenant wherein both the parties agree to terminate a..

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Standard Industrial Commercial Single Tenant Lease

A standard industrial/commercial single tenant lease is a lease agreement between two parties one of which is the landlord also known as..

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Second assignment of sublease

Second assignment of sublease is provision under US laws in which a subtenant can transfer all his right and responsibilities to another..

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Payload Processing Facilities and Support Agreement

A payload processing facilities and support agreement is a document drafted when a satellite manufacturing company or an aero plane..

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Officer Retention and Incentive Award Program Agreement

An officer retention and incentive award program agreement is an agreement which is formed in the case when a company or organization signs..

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Collateral Assignment of Leases Agreement

The collateral assignment of leases is an agreement which establishes the ownership rights transfer of an asset as part of security against..

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Agreement of Assignment of Lease

The agreement of assignment of lease is defined as the contractual paper with the help of which, one party hands over a property to another..

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Texas Lease Agreement

A Texas lease is created in order to protect the rights of the tenant and landlord of a property leased in the state of Texas, United..

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