Financial Agreements

Sails Pledge Agreement

A sails pledge agreement is made between two authorities on a specified date mostly between companies by an agent or directly though mutual..

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Guarantee and Collateral Agreement

The Guarantee and Collateral Agreements is an agreement that is executed by the tax payer, who pays the tax and the guarantor who ensures..

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Cross-collateralization Agreement

A cross collateralization agreement is one in which the same property is used for securing multiple loans from a financial institution or..

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Credit Line And Construction Deed of Trust Agreement

A credit line and construction deed of trust agreement is one that is entered into between a borrower and a lender which is a financial..

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Equity Funding Pledge Agreement

An equity funding pledge agreement is one that is entered into between an equity investor and a financial institution for funding the..

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Acquisition and construction Loan Agreement

An acquisition and construction loan agreement is loan arrangement between a financial institution and a prospective borrower wherein the..

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Thrift Plan

A Thrift plan is a savings plan which is mainly used for the retirement. This is basically a retirement account which gets credited by both..

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Supplemental savings incentive plan

A supplemental savings investment plan is a form of deferred compensation plan in which some of key executives and employees are able to..

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Stonebridge Associates Agreement

Stonebridge Associates LLC is a leading financial advisory and consultancy firm in USA and is involved in advising many large corporations..

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Sixth Restated loan agreement

A sixth restated loan agreement is the process of restating the loan contract wherein changes are made to basic structure of the loan..

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