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Cash Collateral and Disbursement Agreement

October 3, 2012 by agribusiness in Financial Agreements with 0 Comments

Cash collateral is the money (in cash) acquired by selling the collaterals, debtor’s assets creditor possess as a security in their proceeds which a debtor can’t use without creditor’s wish and permission even after the bankruptcy whereas disbursement refers to the record of cash payment for the purpose of settlement of different obligations including  interest payments.

An agreement is a written legal document which serves as an evidence between two or more parties involved. Cash collateral and disbursement agreement refers to such legal evidence. Cash collateral and disbursement agreement is drafted between the lender and borrower to mutually allow the borrower to provide an authorization to borrower to use the collateral cash for disbursement purposes but with a condition to provide a disbursement journal to lender explaining all the cash flow.

Hence, a cash collateral and disbursement agreement can be referred as a proof given to the court to avoid any chances of discrepancy or dispute between the authorities regarding the collateral cash.

Cash Collateral and Disbursement Agreement

Cash Collateral and Disbursement Agreement

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