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Availability of Advertising Space Agreement

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Advertising space is provided by a supplier of advertising space, a communication media representative, to an advertiser for the advertisement and marketing of latter’s products or services. A legal binding agreement with specific terms and conditions is drafted to make the dealing legal and to avoid any disputes, ill will or denials further in future for a healthy professional working.

The supplier provides his space for the advertiser for a duration mentioned in the agreement for the marketing and promotion of the advertiser’s products/ services. The normal examples are provision of space for hoardings, banner and also newspaper advertisement etc. The availability advertising space agreement is also applicable between supplier of goods and retailers stating that the retailer will have to advertise the products in exchange of a specific consideration of goods or money as decided mutually.

The agreement is basically of two types, one between a direct supplier and an advertiser and second one is between a supplier and an advertisement agency (on client’s behalf).

Availability of Advertising Space Agreement

Availability of Advertising Space Agreement

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