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Asset Transfer Agreement

October 3, 2012 by agribusiness in Legal Agreements with 0 Comments
An asset transfer agreement is a legal contract incorporated for the transfer of one’s assets like wills, gifts and trusts to some other person or organization. It’s a common practice in accordance to which people normally transfer their assets to those they love or wish to give, whatever the reason being. The asset transfer agreement is generated according to state and federal laws. This agreement is voided in case of any defraud creditor. This agreement helps to avoid disputes after the death of the asset’s owner.

The most common example of asset transfer agreement is a will. The person writing and signing the will is termed as a testator and possesses thorough rights to decide about his asset transfer, when to transfer and to whom to transfer. The person who is authorized for the transferred assets is termed normally as heirs or beneficiaries legally.  But there is a limitation on a living person providing assets to a person as a gift, without paying the gift tax, which according to federal law is maximum $10,000 yearly.

Asset Transfer Agreement

Asset Transfer Agreement

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