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American Airlines Bylaws

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The Bylaws, in general refers to the internal rules of an organization. These internal rules are in accordance with the laws enacted by the higher authorities or the legislative bodies. The American Airlines bylaws deal with the codes and procedures that should be followed for the efficient running of the organization. The laws outline the process of operation of the American Airlines and sets out various fundamental strategies which are to be obeyed by each and every employee of the organization.

Moreover, the bylaws contain other essential information such as how the Board of directors are elected, what are the job responsibilities of the different officers of the American Airlines and laws regarding the decision making process of the organization. The American Airlines bylaws are defined and documented by the founder or director and the laws are made with complete reference to the Articles of Corporation. The Articles of Corporation are the primary regulations for the functioning of any business organization and are structured by the respective state or federal agency.

American Airlines Bylaws

American Airlines Bylaws

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