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Amendment to Construction Department Lease

January 28, 2013 by agribusiness in Lease agreements with 0 Comments

The construction department lease contains all the information such as the terms, conditions, warranties and the termination clauses of the parties involved in the occupancy of the premises for the construction purposes. The lease agreement outlines all the construction requirements such as the plans and specifications, the strategies for hiring the contractors, the grade of construction materials to be used, the construction and delivery time of the construction project etc.

The agreements also contain the clauses to be enacted in case of the failure to complete the construction process. Any type of amendments to the construction department lease agreement shall be entertained only after the mutual understanding of both the parties. The modifications should be in the form of clear writing and should be signed by both the parties involved in agreement. In addition to the modifications, new clauses can also be added to the agreements as per the previous outlined terms and conditions.

Amendment to Construction Department Lease

Amendment to Construction Department Lease

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