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Amended Certificate of Incorporation

January 28, 2013 by agribusiness in Business Agreements with 0 Comments
Each and every organization has its own code of conducts, which are followed by all the authorities of the organization so as to maintain the coordination between the workflow. These documented rules and regulations are called as the Articles of Incorporation. These articles are in turn, approved by the state legislature to which the organization belongs. The approved documentation is known as the certificate of incorporation.

The certificate of incorporation contains various details such as the name and address of the business organization, the type of business and the business purpose, and the total number of shares held by the different members of the board. However, the certificate of incorporation can be amended at any time depending on the information that the corporation may want to add at a later date. The information may include issuance or limitation of any regulatory powers to the shareholders and the permission of financial assistance to the corporate agents etc.

Amended Certificate of Incorporation

Amended Certificate of Incorporation

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