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Amended and Restated Agency Agreement

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The amended and restated agency agreement is basically a contract between an issuer and a dealer. According to this agreement, the issuer has the rights to appoint the dealers and also to terminate the appointment of dealers. The issuer has to give a ten days written notice period to the dealers for the termination of appointment. The agreements are governed by the rules and regulations of concerned state and federal legislature.

As per the terms and conditions of the agreement, the issuer may issue notes to the dealers. The tenor of the note should not be less than one day and should also not be greater than 364 days. There are various aspects regarding the note transactions which, both the issuer and dealer has to agree upon; such as the issue date, the aggregate principal, interest basis, maturity date and the discount. In case of failure of issue of a note, the issuer and the dealer should immediately notify the principal paying agent about the fact, in details.

Amended and Restated Agency Agreement

Amended and Restated Agency Agreement

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