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Advertising Sales Agreement

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The main purpose of the advertising sales agreement is to protect the clients or the buyers from any type of misunderstandings that may arise during the sale and purchase of any good. There are various sections of the sales agreement. The first section outlines the names and details of both the parties entering into the agreement. The second section outlines all the essential responsibilities of the advertising agency and the sales representative associated with the agency. The third section outlines all the financial terms and conditions agreed upon by both the parties. The fee, that the client will have to pay for the services is displayed in this section.

The fourth section is called as the term period and this is the agreed period between both the parties, up to which, the advertising sales agreement would be valid. It also sets forth any preconditions for the continuation of the agreement, after the end of the term period. The fifth and the final section displays the action to be taken, in case the advertising sales agreement is terminated at an early period.

Advertising Sales Agreement

Advertising Sales Agreement

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