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Addendum to the contract for construction

January 21, 2013 by agribusiness in Contract Agreements with 0 Comments
An addendum to the contract for construction is enacted in case of requirement of amendments in the already existing contractor agreement. Whenever a construction work is allocated to any contractor, a construction contract is prepared in order to document the terms and conditions of work allocated but with time there may arisethe requirement to make some change in already allotted work and to enforce these changes an addendum to contract for construction is prepared. Under this amendment contract the changes in original plan are mentioned and these changes are generally done in order to confirm with the standards of the government authorities.

This document may contain the clauses such as the details of the original construction contract, the present status of the construction, the changes to be effected, the additional cost involved in these changes and the plan for payment of these changes, rights of both the contractor and owner and the revised timeline for completion of the contract.

Addendum to the contract for construction

Addendum to the contract for construction

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