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Acknowledgement and pledge agreement

January 28, 2013 by agribusiness in General agreements with 0 Comments

An acknowledgement and pledge agreement is a legal arrangement between a creditor and debtor under which the borrower parent group company acknowledges the loan arrangement made by its subsidiary and its terms and conditions and undertakes his responsibility to repay the loan in full when due and pledges a collateral sufficient to securitize the loan amount.

An acknowledgement and pledge agreement should ideally contain all the clauses related to the details of the lender, the borrower and the collateral agent, amount of loan, the period and interest rate, the repayment plan, the details of the collateral being provided, the acknowledgement from the borrower, the terms an conditions of the loan, the rights available to both parties and the remedies in case of default or dispute. All the conditions should be clear to both the parties before signing of the agreement and once enacted it should be followed in letter and spirit

Acknowledgement and pledge agreement

Acknowledgement and pledge agreement

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