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Accommodation agreement

January 21, 2013 by agribusiness in Contract Agreements with 0 Comments
An accommodation agreement is a contract between a host and a guest and is enacted in cases such as a hotel and its guest, a hostel and a student wherein an accommodation is temporarily solicited. In such cases the guest does not hold any right over the property as in case of rental agreement but is only entitled to stay for the period of his agreement and in return has to pay a fixed charge for availing the facilities of the premise.

The guest is neither allowed to make any modification to the accommodation nor is responsible for maintenance or upkeep of the premises. An accommodation agreement should contain clauses such as the details of the guest, the period of stay, the number of members, the charges to be paid to host, the rules and regulations such as timing restrictions, any prohibited activities, number of members allowed and rights available to both the parties and an effective dispute resolution mechanism.

Accommodation agreement

Accommodation agreement


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