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Agreements are referred to that document which contains legally enforced and negotiable terms that are decided to be followed by both the parties involved during the phase of contract.

Agreements are of different types depending on the purpose of contract. Therefore, the content of all agreement varies along with its type. Some of the useful and significant agreement documents that are the most common are as follows:agreements picture


  • Lease Agreement
  • Loan Agreement
  • Employment Agreement
  • Service Agreement
  • Business Agreement

However, the list of agreement is extensive and endless depending on the purpose of contract but certain attributes have to be followed while writing any agreement.

This is because, such a contract document recites the give and take aspects of a negotiable settlement and depending on that, it also specifies the minimum standard of performance that is acceptable.

 Therefore, regardless of the content or matter of agreement, the enlisted factors have to be followed.

  • The parties involved in an agreement should decide and agree on the terms and conditions that are to be legally enforced by the law of the nation and specified in the clause section of the document. One should ensure to formulate an agreement with the consent of both the parties.
  • The identities of the involved parties must be declared and specified initially so that they could be referred incase of any discrepancy. This also establishes the authenticity and genuineness of the agreement paper. However, any false information might lead to legal implications or termination of the agreement before its actual date of ending.
  • Essentially, an agreement document should also specify the transactions, payment modes, obligations for both the parties and other negotiable terms lucidly so that there is no scope of dubiousness or miscommunication.
  • Generally, all the agreements are legally enforced; hence, a detailed specification of the related acts under the laws of nation that would be subjected to any of the parties on violation of terms must also be recited effectively.
  • Agreement document should be formulated with common language that is being understood by both the parties. One should ensure to memorialize the agreement terms without being much verbose.
  • Finally, the agreement document should be signed and dated by both the parties which could signify their consent and awareness. Even it could be presented for legal implications incase of any contrariety.

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A well written and specific agreement document can always serve as an effective business record and it might also help in further negotiations based on legal terms.